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  • Tien LE

    Tien LE

    Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Machine Learning Enthusiast and Autonomous & Continuous Learner

  • Olivier HO-A-CHUCK

    Olivier HO-A-CHUCK

    Live the life you love and love the life you live ! (Bob Marley)

  • Ekaterina Menetil

    Ekaterina Menetil

  • Dominique Potier

    Dominique Potier

  • Jade Porter

    Jade Porter

    Success Coach. Oversharing about sobriety, mental health, and the workplace. https://jadeportercoaching.com/ Hit FOLLOW ⤵

  • Séverine Godet

    Séverine Godet

    Independent content producer. Write about innovation & IT (Artificial Intelligence, Data, Infrastructure, software, cybersecurity, Green IT). Based in Montréal.

  • Alexander Danilov

    Alexander Danilov

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